Contact Twin_Turbo

Want to collaborate, use one of my clips, or just want to say hi? I’ll check your comments anywhere you make them, be it YouTube, Twitter or right here on my page! If you want a more personal response, or need to get into the nitty-gritty details about something, Well sorry, but I have no method for the moment. Thanks!

A note to prospective collaborators and partners: Be ready to make your case for collaboration/partnership when presenting your idea; as well as being prepared for follow-up questions. Simply asking “Wanna Collab[orate]/be a partner?” isn’t going to fly with me. Please Also include your YouTube Channel for my reference.
An additional Note to Video Game Promoters: Firstly, I will immediately reject any requests for iOS or Android-only games, sight on scene. I do not have a reliable way to record these games for the time being. If you would want me to play a game of your own creation, please e-mail me a pitch for your game; again, simply e-mailing me a link and asking “Wanna play?” Will not Fly with me. Be ready for follow-up questions as well.


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