Doom 3 – Why we don’t do Horror LPs.

On the plus side, I finally have Full HD 60FPS video recordings up and running – on PC, at least.

On the down side, after one run of these first two levels, I have to immediately cancel the Doom 3 LP. It’s just too slow and the horror too cliche for us to keep interest: we’re talking end of our Metroid Prime 2 Echoes LP levels of apathy from us here.

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Steam Controller – A Review

The Steam Controller: An input device with a lot of promise and creative potential… and it’s no good. Why? Find out here!

And with this, I have finished the final video before I begin yet another LP… or rather, the first one, again – y’know, because I’ve privatized all my other LPs. What am I playing? Watch to the end!


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