An audio log… a new series?

I don’t know about this. What do you think? Should I continue to do these logs?

P.S: Below is the text from my reviews for DOOM 3 and its Expansion on Steam. WALL OF TEXT WARNING!

Doom 3: Recommended

19.7 hrs on record

TL:DR A great Game, even if it’s a complete 180 from all the other games in the series.

Full Review: Firstly, I would like to say, this game is completely different from every other game in the Series, so don’t go in expecting a fast-paced, non-linear FPS game. Instead, this is a slower, more linear, and more atmospheric horror game. With that being said, not only do these changes help to give the game deeper claws to keep its grasp on you, but the first half of the game is pure horror, all the way. For those worried though, The game returns towards (but not all the way to) the classic formula in the 2nd half of the game, while still mixing in some horror elements.

Graphically, it looks fantastic for the time, and still looks good today, even if the polygon count reveals the game’s true age (that last part may be due to the fact that I’m transitioning to PC gaming from Consoles…). The action is still DOOM at its core, although you’ll need to pay more attention your ammo, as reloading is a thing in this game. One annoying issue, however, is that the game is very dark (again, especially in the first half of the game), which, while adding to the scare quotient, means that you can have issues when firing at demons in the darker rooms. You can easily switch between gun and flashlight using “F”, but ideally, the game (probably) is expecting you to use your memory with the flashlight, and your hearing to attack the demons when you can’t see it (I say this because the reticule turns red when you successfully deal damage to an enemy).

If that does sound too annoying, you have 3 options:
1. Install the “Duct Tape” mod (Google it, Adds a flashlight to the shotgun and the machine gun).
2. Skip this version of the game, and get the BFG edition (Adds a temporary flashlight to use while holding any weapon).
3. Train your memory and hearing, to get used to it (For best results with the scare quotient).
Personally, I went with 1 at first, before switching to 3 later on. If I had the money, I’d probably get the BFG edition, which also includes the previous two games as well!

Regardless of what edition you pick up, and whether or not you decide to use the Duct Tape mod, You’ll be pleasantly surprised on how far id goes from the Traditional DOOM formula and still deliver a great, if somewhat flawed, experience.

DOOM 3 – Resurrection of Evil: Not Recommended
8.2 hrs on record
TL:DR – What happens when the changes from Doom 3 go too far.

Full review: Unlike the base game, I find it very hard to recommend this expansion. I already went in depth with what Doom 3 does differently in its review, so I won’t repeat myself here. What I will say is that Resurection of Evil takes the great, if somewhat off-putting, changes to the formula that the base game did [Atmosphere, game pacing, ammo, etc.], and turns it into its biggest flaw, to the point that I am writing this review now, instead of when I finish. The lighting is much darker than the base game, the action and the pacing is much slower, armor and ammo distribution is much more restrictive, and the horror angle is expanded on further… yet, due to how slow the game is, rather than keep me hooked, I find myself tuning out and focusing on going from point A to B, which is the last thing you want happening in a game like this.

As far as action is concerned, ammo for your weapons are much further and farther in between than in the base game. Thankfully, you get the Grabber, a new weapon to the game, which lets you grab small props, enemies and their projectiles in the enviroment and fling them at enemies to deal damage. Already, the biggest issue with this is that you are forced to use a slow weapon, as it takes time between release and pick-up to recharge. In addition, solution 1 in my Doom 3 review for the lighing issues in the game (Installing the duct tape mod) will not work, as you’ll predominatley have the grabber as your current weapon. Another problem is that this weapon fully relies on your enemies being demons, as human enemies all attack using their fists or their guns, and will be much faster, meaning that you can’t get close without being hit by bullets. To remedy this, the game also gives you an artifact [don’t know the name, so don’t ask]; which, when activated, will let you run around, temporarily in “hell time” [bullet time, “Slow motion” for the uninitiated]. Not only does this bring the already slow gameplay down to an almost glacial pace, but the game expects you to use it at almost every oppertunity, as not only can you hold up to 3 charges, but you can refill on charges by collecting souls from the dead UAC staff, which are placed everywhere.

The most egregious example of these issues in in Erebus level 5. In an end-level segment, you have to run a gauntlet where your helmet has very limited air, so you are running and gunning, picking up air tanks along the way; something that this add-on is not meant for. In this segment, there are a few enemies that you must retaliate to using the grabber. Their projectiles fly very quickly, so you’ll need to use “hell time” to slow down the game enough to be able to take care of these enemies quickly. You’ll need to do this 3 times in this segment, which will use all of your artifact ammo. However, in a case of “How did they miss this bug?”, Any souls that are in this sement can not be picked up, even if you walk over the body! What’s worse is that once past this segment, you transistion to Erebus Level 6… and another air tank sequence! This time it’s outdoors, on mars’ surface, where you run out of air much faster. There are no souls to reload your artifact in between these sequences to assist you here, so you will need to run from point A to B as fast as you can, or deal with all the enemies with the limited ammo and SEVERELY limited air that you have, at full speed. Pardon my french, but that segment can go fornicate itself with an iron stick.

Really, however, I am more bored than anything else. This expansion is not technically flawed [apart from that one example above], and it controls and plays the same as the base game. However, unlike Doom 3, which had a clear goal on what it was trying to do (What if the DOOM “storyline” was played straight?), Resurrection of Evil doesn’t know whether it wants to be action or horror, and thus fails at both. I don’t blame you if you want to give this expansion a try anyway; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If this expansion didn’t try to mess with the delicate balance of Action and Horror in Doom 3, this could’ve been a great add-on. For me, however, It’s just a slow, borderline-mediocre game that doesn’t seem to understand what it wants to be.


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