An administrative announcement: Schedule? Forget about it!

“Borrowed” Jokes: 1
Fugget about It

Oh shut up.

So lately, we’ve noticed that it has become more and more difficult to maintain our one-a-week video schedule. Between our current work load, our overall worry about our channel, and other things, It has become a nightmare to keep up with everything…  and that’s not getting into the fact that I wanted to up the frequency to two a week! So, after a quick casual conversation careful deliberation, Gino and I have decided to scrap the schedule: No more One- or Two-a-Week videos. From now on, whenever a video is ready to go, it’s live! Who knows, videos may be flying out faster than they used to!

As a side note, I’ll be starting to focus on things not directly related to my channel, such as this very blog (Possibly for little jokes or perhaps even for stories about my life in gaming-

“Borrowed” Jokes: 2
Fugget about It
My Life in Gaming

Oh, that’s taken? Ok, Well little stories talking about games I’ve played [no title yet]) and my Twitch Stream (for games that I am playing right now [Similar to that article I wrote last week]; that’s right, no more streams on YouTube!). I might even start tweeting a whole lot more! So what I’m trying to say is this: If you are only subscribed to my YouTube Channel, You should seriously consider following this blog and my Twitch Stream [Links in the menu button on the top of the page]! Hopefully, this will not only improve the quality of my videos, but it will also let me create videos in peace, instead of being worried about uploading each week.


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