An administrative announcement: Schedule? Forget about it!

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Fugget about It

Oh shut up.

So lately, we’ve noticed that it has become more and more difficult to maintain our one-a-week video schedule. Between our current work load, our overall worry about our channel, and other things, It has become a nightmare to keep up with everything…  Read More


Nearly there! My next video will be posted tonight!

With things getting busy again, I am finding myself writing in my blog a lot more than I am recording. That being said, my next video will be uploaded tonight, as I just finished working around my video’s technical issues. Namely, I forgot to record game audio, and my narration isn’t much better. So I took an 3rd option: rather than place royalty-free music or leaving all music out of the video, I decided to overhaul it into a silent movie! You’ll see the results tonight! 

P.S: Gino is going to be very mad when he sees what I have done without audio. 

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A piece of my history… “On The Subject of E” is now Permanently offline.

It’s a sad day when it comes time to separate the old from the new. I started blogging a long time ago, and it has now been over a year since my last (accidental) post on my old website. I thought that now, it was time to cut the cord, and delete the old page. As of now, is a 404 error. In the unlikely event that I ever want to restart the site, I have saved a backup locally, and will restore if the time comes. Until then, so long, website! You will be missed!

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