Let’s Play Sonic ’06 Part 13

Congratulations. You Did it, Game, You’ve managed to piss off my Twin brother so much, that he will make the next part of the LP a living hell for me…. Mark my words… when you least expect it, your uppance will come…

Borrowed Jokes: 1 – Family Guy

Oh Hey! Long time, no see!

Borrowed Jokes: 2 – Family Guy, Sonic ’06

…shut up.

Backup Upload on Dailymotion

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Let’s Play Sonic ’06 Part 11!

Well, That Takes Care Of Shadow’s Story, and I could Really use a break from this game. However, I have made it my mission to finish the game, and so its on to Silver’s story, Next time!

Backup Upload on Dailymotion 


P.S: Straight from my Twitter Timeline…


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