Double Feature! Sonic ’06 Part 5 and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Part 10!

I’m Back! And this Time, It’s a huge update, with the next parts of my LPs Recorded back-to-back. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Parts 5 and 10 of Sonic and Echoes, respectively!


Backup Upload on Dailymotion


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The list of Agony: My subscriber Milestones (Revision 2)

Update: This is just a repost of something I Did a few months ago. Updated Entries are in bold.

I’ve decided to tackle the issue of not having a Subscriber Special Head-on, and have decided to post this list online. If I were to EVER get to any of these milestones, I will play the game listed beside it.

Subscriber Milestone Game to play
 25 Subscribers  2 Player Challenge Revival! (KillZone: Shadow Fall)
 50 Subscribers  Super Mario Maker (Wii U)
 100 Subscribers  Air/Ace Combat
 250 Subscribers  Sonic Heroes (PC/GCN)
 500 Subscribers  Outlast (PC)
 1000 Subscribers  Viewer’s Choice
 2500 Subscribers  Rollcage (PSX) (Revisited)
 5000 Subscribers  Portal/Portal 2 (PC)
 10,000 Subscribers  LSD Dream Emulator (PSX)
 25,000 Subscribers  Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies (PS3/XB360)
 50,000 Subscribers  2 Player Challenge: Viewer’s Choice
 100,000 Subscribers  Surgeon Simulator (PC)
 250,000 Subscribers  Mega Man 2 (NES)
 500,000 Subscribers  2 Player Challenge: Perfect Dark
 750,000 Subscribers  Super Meat Boy (PC)
 1,000,000 Subscribers (Coincident with the rapture)  Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) – PlayStation 3 (Revisited)

For context regarding this “Two Player Challenge”….


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Fun With Audio Clips – Bonus video

I need to ease my way back into LP-ing, so Here’s a little bonus video for now, While I get the Next one Ready. Fun With Audio Clips, a little thing that happens when you combine boredom, with not really wanting to jump back into an LP and just want to make something that can be viewed in two minutes.

Just so you know, Due to the nature of this video,  it is only available on Zippcast. You can watch it by clicking here! Enjoy!

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TV Superstars (PS3) – A Review

As far as games that use the PlayStation Move go, It’s hard to get much worse than this garbage. While watching this, Keep in mind that I paid 99 cents for this game… on Clearance! I’ve would’ve accepted mediocrity at that price! Let’s find out how far beyond mediocrity this game goes!

An abridged variant is available below.

I’m posting this away from my regular computer, so no alternate links this time around…

Guess Again! Backup Upload on Zippcast! Guess yet again! It’s down.

And now for the Abridged Variant…

Backup Upload on Zippcast Nope. YouTube Exclusive.

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