Slice of life: A dream sequence

You know,  there’s this big theatre in my town called (for anonymity’s sake) The Cube. I go there to volunteer every so often, and help out the audience with finding seats, leaving the theatre, and even make sure there’s no funny business going on. Now, when there’s no one around, what do I do? I can’t use my phone while doing the service, so I decided to retreat into my imagination.

I like my channel the way it is: A little hobby I do to get away from the daily grind of life; and I’m not stupid. My channel started small and it’s probably going to end small. That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t dream big about the future. My mind begins to wander as time seems to jump ahead…

I’m at the cube, but something’s… Different. It’s not the dance competition I was volunteering at. There were no banners, no dancers, and the only tune playing in the theatre was a familiar tune… One that I had used before for advertising. Looking to my right, I see a table, with a sign on top. They were giving away free DVDs. There were many avid gamers present in the lobby. What show is this? The PA system turns on, and announces in a grandiose fashion;
“Good evening, and welcome to the cube! This evening’s presentation of Twin_Turbo Live will begin in approximately 30 minutes….”
This… This is my show? Before I even had time to think, my twin brother called me over. I followed him to the main stage. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My usual game setup was right there, on the stage: couch, TV, and all… Then I looked above me. A projector screen proudly displaying my channel banner. That would also be where my gameplay would be viewed by the audience in real time.
Suddenly, time skips ahead to that big moment. I was there, on the couch, waiting patiently for the curtain to rise. I’m losing my nerves. Is this really happening? Am I about to have a live show in front of hundreds of people? The curtain slowly rises, with my own channel theme playing as it does so… I was ready. Thus was it. The culmination of my journey, my hard work, was right here, right now…


The loud outburst of music coming from the dance competition snapped me back to reality. It was all just an illusion of the mind… a fever dream… and yet, I still wished that it was all real…

Look, I don’t understand why I’m posting this; I know my channel will never make it big. As Professor Hubert Farnsworth once said: “A man can dream though. A man can Dream…”

“Borrowed” Jokes Lines: 1



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