Let’s Play Sonic ’06! Part 2 – So Many Town Missions!

I’m back with another Super-Sized episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, In which we spend the first 15 Minutes of the video on Town missions, before we finally get to White Acropolis and Crisis City! Fun Fact: We spent 90 (NINETY!) Minutes recording this part, and most of it was Town missions and load screens!

Backup on Dailymotion

P.S: Want to see just the Mach Section of Crisis City? Here it is!

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Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Part 7

We finally make progress in this episode, by Grabbing the Super Missile, Seeing the Torvus Bogs Temple, and nearly getting killed in the process.

By the Way, I just want to wish you guys a Happy Easter Today, wherever you may be!

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Double Feature! Let’s Finish The Italian Job!

I’m never doing this ever again; Gino and I shot, edited and uploaded these videos within 24 hours. It was way too much Stress, and I hope that I never have to do that again. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this two-part finale!

NOTE! Part 3 Had A Legitimate copyright claim, and I have Uploaded a version that has the offending game audio muted. The song used in the Convoy FMV is It’s Caper Time by Quincy Jones. To see the original Video, Click Here, or Here for YouTube Gaming, but There will be an Ad.

Part 3 on YouTube Gaming

Finale on YouTube Gaming

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