…And Gino’s back on.

Begrudgingly, I have decided to give Gino another Chance on the team. (even though he was completely in the wrong, and I was right) I told you guys that this wouldn’t last long. Siblings fight, y’know? Now, If only he’d accept my apology…

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…And Gino’s off the Team.

Yeah, we both had a falling out, and Gino, My Twin brother, and former co-host, is now off the team. I personally don’t think this will last too long, but for now, This essentially means three things:

  1. Videos will take even longer to produce than it will now.
  2. No more SportsTrack.
  3. A [Possible] Full Re-branding of the channel (again).

I’ll have to finish up the next video, but, with all the variables of my life right now, I can guarantee you that I will have to break my Weekly Video Update Promise. This is just not going to happen with one person…

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The partnership question: Should I or shouldn’t I?

I Have been thinking a lot recently about my channel. On one hand, I’ve always seen this as some sort of hobby, something there to help me pass time. On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to get a few more views. I’ve been tossing the idea around my head, and I’m not sure if going for a partnership is the smartest idea. I think I’m a terrible marketer, and can’t advertise my videos if my life depended on it, but I can’t really keep my ad free video promise if I decide to partner up with a network. I need some help with this decision. If you, As readers of this blog, give me some pros and cons about each option, maybe I can make a decision. This decision could mean the life or death of my channel… just kidding – but it could have a big impact.

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Getting back into the swing of things… (or, where I’ve been for the last few days or so)

Things have been getting busy here recently.  With me in two of the most knowledge intensive classes [math and business],  it’s been hard to get recording and editing lately. I also have some assignments and tests coming up in these classes, too! If only I could study for these classes while I was recording my Let’s Play videos… Wait a minute…

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Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Part 3

I’ve been under quite a bit of stress recently, between my education, work, and other Real life issues, and I haven’t had as much time to work on my video than I used to. It’s situations like this that explains why I only guarantee one video a week. On the bright side, after all that waiting, you get to watch me wait to do various things! Jokes aside, I’ve stopped reading the logbook data, and have even skipped showing all non-crucial scan data; so this should help cut down wasted time in the redundancy department of redundancy. Let me know what you think!

Or Watch on YouTube Gaming, Click here!

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Life… It can sure slow down your plans

Hey guys. Life has been catching up to me,  recently,  and I haven’t had as much time to work on my videos than I used to. Hopefully, I’m going to try to get the next video ready by tomorrow.

Then again,  it’s probably not helping that I’m playing one of the more dubious games in my library, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. No offence to anyone, but I just can’t like the game.

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