Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy! Metroid Prime 1 Finale – Too hot for Phazon!

In the first of THREE epic LP finales for the Trilogy,  we face the titular Metroid Prime in 5 Parts! This should be the end of it all, but we are only one-third of the way through the trilogy. We’ll be taking a break from LPs for a little bit to focus on life and other video projects, but we will be back with Metroid Prime 2: Echoes in just a few weeks.


Also a Special note, This will be the last video where we will be using “TV-Vision” [A Camera pointed at a TV] for the game-play footage. From now on, we will be using a capture card for our videos, falling back onto “TV-Vision” only when there’s no other option.

Or watch on YouTube Gaming – Click here!


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