Utter disappointment = Utter Delays

After the disaster of a game I played last time, I need a bit more time than usual to get my next video ready.  Rather than the next part of the LP,  it’s going to be another review. If you saw my last one,  you’ll know exactly what game I’m reviewing. Also,  Gino and I aren’t on even terms,  and we’re in a marathon of season 9 Hell’s Kitchen to be followed up immediately by Goldfinger. So that’s my excuse this time. Fingers crossed that I can get a video up by Friday.

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My one Year Anniversary Special! American Chilly!

I made it in before Midnight! Well, in my UTC -5 time zone, anyways; The website says otherwise. For My one year Anniversary of Twin_Turbo Live, I take a look at a game kindly requested to me from the Heene Boys, American Chilly! Unfortunately, this grand gift becomes a massive disappointment. Talk about party pooping…

Here is the Quiz Game That I’ve Mentioned in the video, And here are my further thoughts on the game.


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An update on my condition

I can’t believe I have to post something as unfortunate as this… on Twin_Turbo Live!’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Yeah; Hold the confetti, the cake, and the champagne,  My voice is unusable for a video this week! More Details below.

On the Plus side, This does give me time to think about an anniversary special…

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The Next Best Thing: A new Backup Channel is now open!

No, we don’t mean that 2000 Madonna Movie. In a protective measure against any further Content ID issues with YouTube, Gino and I have opened up a backup channel on Zippcast – A Smaller video hosting service that is much more understanding about fair use than YouTube can ever hope to be. We will still be posting most of our main videos on YouTube, but any videos that may have potential Content ID issues, and in fact, two of the three videos that already have been Content ID Matched on my channel, will be posted onto Zippcast to avoid issues later on. Regardless of where we post them, You will always find the latest videos right here on our Website! In fact, we should be posting up the second of our two video projects up there very, very shortly!

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Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Part 1

Wow! Just when I said I’d be taking a break for a few weeks, I’m back doing Let’s Plays less than two weeks after that. Well, In this Super-Sized episode of Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy, we crash land on Aether and get started off on the wrong foot…. And the comedy of errors just pile up exponentially from there.

Stick with it until the end! The comedy of errors start early, but they pile up exponentially, climaxing near the very end of the episode.

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