Slice of Life: Leading a line-up

Today, I was given a task to do: something that I’ve never done before; leading a class of students in the hallway. The teacher hasn’t shown up to take the class back to the classroom, so the librarian told me to lead the class back myself. I thought “This will be easier than leading a pack of Pikmin back to the onion!”

I started motioning the class to follow me,  and it was working… For two seconds. The students started talking, some jumped their way up the line, and the lane became a blob of students clogging the hallway. I didn’t make it halfway back to class before the teacher came in, and, with a hand gesture and just her voice, got the students back in line. I asked her how she did it; apparently it takes years of experience to be that good with line-ups.

I now have newfound respect and wonder, not only for Olimar, and the crew of the S.S Drake, but for teachers everywhere. Just goes to show you that things aren’t always as easy as they seem.


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