Double Feature! Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy 1-5 & Slice of life: Impromptu recordings – Godzilla Unleashed

Yes, for the first time in a while, I’ve posted two videos in the same week, one as a special thanks for 10 subscribers, and the brand new continuation of Let’s Play Metroid Prime Trilogy! First off, for those who don’t care about my slice, Here’s the Video, Where technical issues, issues on faith, and issues of running out of ammo all crop up in a row!

If you’re still here, Here’s my slice:

So for a while I was talking to someone (Her name will not be mentioned) who said that she had some games cluttering up her house. She wanted to get rid of them, but she didn’t want to toss them in to the garbage. I gladly told her that I’d be willing to take anything that she wants gone. The thing she wanted gone the most was a copy of Dance Dance Revolution for the PS2, along with the dance mat! I was excited; finally, I can play that BEMANI game at home without having to go to the movie theater… well, I could, but unfortunately, one day before she could give the game over, both the disc and the mat were thrown out by someone she knew. By the time they tried to get it back, it was already gone.

Bothered by the fact that we’ve been talking about that thing for days, and she couldn’t deliver, on the Friday, I walked up to her to talk about something, and then…

“Merry Christmas!”

An early Christmas gift from her, She gave me a bag containing 5 games for the Wii, along with another odd accessory, the uDraw GameTablet, from THQ. The first thing I tried out was the GameTablet, with its bundled game, uDraw Studio. It works as advertised, and feels quite amazing, even if the “game” is essentially an unofficial sequel to Mario Paint. Too bad there were only 10 games released that supported the thing…

The next thing I tried afterward was Godzilla Unleashed, by Atari. The System menu’s preview did little to entice hope that it was a good game. Nor did the game’s opening FMV (Emphasis on FMV; the video looked pixellated [Spell check says “tessellated”] even by the Wii’s standards). The video that follows is what happened next, unedited. Brace yourselves.

On the bright side, she has given me the one gift nobody else has give to me yet: the gift of YouTube Cannon Fodder. Thanks once again!


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