TOO HOT FOR TTL! Impromptu Recordings: Cards Against Humanity

Well…I never thought that I would post something like this up, so I didn’t! Instead, I gave my friend the video, just to spread it around my circle of friends. Then… he went behind my back and posted this onto the internet. I’ll never trust him again…

NOTE! Jokes aside, I have reached an agreement with Nic to allow him to post the video on his channel, and Proof of that statement will be provided upon request.

WARNING: Due To Extremely mature content and language, Viewer discretion is advised.

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The big 5-0!

It has just come to my attention that the previous two videos I uploaded to my channel are number 50 and 51 on my channel, respectively! It’s a little late to celebrate, but I guess you can consider that extended scene my celebratory lap! I’ll make a little noise during the next part just to celebrate a little more! Thanks to all 13 subscribers who watch and support my content!

…hang on, what about if I add in all the videos from my old channel?

…well, factoring in my older channel, not counting Mario Kart 8 Videos, I’m currently at 76 videos! I guess I’m well on my way to celebrating another milestone, though let’s just stay focused on my new one for now.

As another side note, This Friday, December 4th, marks my two-year anniversary on YouTube, and less than two months after that, on January 27th, I celebrate Twin_Turbo Live’s first Birthday! Let me know what I should do to celebrate!

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Why no live stream?

You may be wondering why I haven’t done anything to do with live streams in over a month.  I haven’t really gotten anything interesting in a while,  and I’m still wrestling with my encoder’s settings to get things to work perfectly. I could just live stream a PC game,  but I’d get my butt kicked if […]

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