Slice of life: Just Dance Fridays?

This is the fourth time that I have written about something like this, so I hereby name these posts “Slice of life!” Now, about my slice…
So, for a while now, I have been helping out younger classes, and on Fridays, the students just love to dance along to video clips of “Just Dance”. (The class doesn’t have a Wii, and I don’t have the game) I decided to play along with the class; particularly to “Call me Maybe”, and the teacher said that I was on fire! Perhaps, but I still think that I should never dance.
At some point, when I do get the game, I’ll show you my moves demonstrate my rhythm and flow. If they have a song that pop’n music also happens to have, I’ll put up a pop’n music chart beside that for comparison. Until then, I’ll stick to my nine buttons, thank you very much!


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