Stand by for a new live stream, tonight at 7PM EST!

Hey Guys! Just to let you know that; barring any issues, I am thinking of doing a live stream session tonight! I’m hoping to cover the rest of Mario Kart Wii’s 50cc cups and possibly one 100cc cup, because the quicker I get through them, the more rage there will be the quicker we can get to the main event: 150cc Cheating AI! See you guys on Twitch Tonight! (7PM EST, 4PM PST, 11PM UTC)

P.S: I also hit 10 subscribers on YouTube today, So I think I’ll have to do something special to celebrate! Stay Tuned!

P.P.S: Do you Like the New theme I switched to? It’s the Free Intergalactic Theme! Let me know what you think in the Comments!


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